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The best peaches I have ever tasted. Not a bad one in the box. Going back for another bushel on Saturday. Freezing them for smoothies all year round. So amazing. Thank you Showalters for such kind service also.

- Stefan Bruce

Apple Varieties


The flavor of Virginia Golden Delicious apples is exceptional
and, because of an extended shelf life, these apples will last
and last. The lightly textured green/gold skin of the Goldens
protects the crisp interior and helps retain its sweet juiciness.
Great as a snack or a lunchbox treat, their firm flesh makes
Virginia Golden Delicious apples ideal for salads, pies,
applesauce, apple butter and anything else that calls for sliced
or cooked apples.


Golden Russet is usually considered as one of the best flavored of the American russet apples.


Great historical interest as the probable parent of Golden
Delicious, with similar sweet flavour and good keeping
qualities, and widely planted during early 20th century.


Honeycrisp apples are honey sweet (with a touch of tart)
and amazingly crisp, some say “explosively crisp.”


Jonagold’s unique flavor makes it luscious enough to serve
by itself as dessert. This cross between Jonathan and Golden
Delicious results in a tasty treat.


An attractive yellow early-season apple with a sharp flavor,
best used for cooking.




The fruit has red and green skin, a tart flavor, and tender
white flesh.
The McIntosh is well known for the pink apple sauce the
unpeeled fruit make. It is also well-suited for cider and pies.

Firm, crisp flesh and a unique, tangy-tart, sweet flavor are characteristic of this apple. Snackers and bakers give this apple high marks.

Virginia Red Delicious apples -- the apple of everyone’s eye
and palate.
Their crisp, sweet flesh, makes Virginia Red Delicious apples
ideal for lunches, snacks and salads.

Cider & Song

Sit back and enjoy some great local music and sip your favorite Old Hill Cider.

Saturdays at Showalter’s

Every Saturday in September and October and the first weekend of November from 9am to 5pm visit the orchard for a family fun-filled day! Local food trucks, apple cider donuts, sweet cider slushies, Old Hill Cider sales/tastings, pick your own apples, “already picked apples”, and much more!! Visit our Facebook page for more information. 

20th Annual Apple Harvest Celebration

On October 19th, 2019 we will have our 20th Annual Apple Harvest Celebration! A large variety of “already picked” apples, PYO apples, many Virginia Made items, Food Trucks, Craft Vendors, Live Music, Old Hill Cider sales/tastings, Children’s Activities, and more! Visit our Facebook page for more information. 

Cider Week Virginia 2020

Join the Hard Cider Revival! All over Virginia, VA Cideries host and attend cider dinners, tastings, festivals, and much more. We will personally host a Cidermaking Workshop & Open House at the orchard. Visit ciderweekva.com and our Facebook page for more information! 




This antique apple was one of Thomas Jefferson’s two favorites. It was grown at Monticello. The flesh is yellow and crisp. The flavor is complex and somewhat tart. One of the best keeping apples.


Bramley apples work well in pies, cooked fruit compotes and salads, crisps, and other dessert dishes. They are also used in a variety of chutney recipes, as well as in cider making.


This deliciously sweet apple is actually a cross between alltime favorite Red Delicious and old Virginia Rawls Jennet
apples. Its appearance is a distinctive combination of red
blush, striped with green and yellow.
It’s excellent for snacking and for cooking. It stores well,
even without refrigeration. It is the perfect take along for
school lunches and picnics.

Arkansas Black apples are generally medium sized with a somewhat flattened shape. Generally a very dark red on the tree, occasionally with a slight green blush where hidden from the sun, the apples grow darker as they ripen, becoming a very dark red or burgundy color.


One of the best McIntosh-style apples, with a good sweet
flavor. It is a Showalter family favorite for snacking.


Gala is one of the first Virginia apple varieties available.
However, unlike some mid-summer apples, they are
crunchy, juicy and full of flavor.
They are an excellent choice for snacking and salads and
hold up well in baking. Galas were developed in New Zealand
in 1934 as a cross between Kidd’s Orange Red Delicious and
Golden Delicious.

A very old apple variety, with a drab appearance which belies a unique peardrop flavor. Ashmead’s Kernel is also one of very small number of English apple varieties that also thrives in North America.


One of the great American apple varieties, thought to be
Thomas Jefferson’s favorite. Noted for its spicy flavour, and
for its susceptibility to any and every disease afflicting apples.


If the name Ginger Gold is unfamiliar, that’s because it is a
recentaddition to the list of apple varieties. It was discovered
growing among the twisted uprooted trees in a Virginia
orchard in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Its
ancestors are the Golden Delicious and Albermarle Pippin
Crisp texture and excellent taste.

Small, fine bead of CO2. Garnet with ruby hues. Bright fresh blackberry merge with crisp apple to create a refeshing and balanced cider with a dry, blackberry finish.


Virginia Rome apples are an old-time favorite. Their firm
flesh and mildly sweet flavor make them the quintessential
baking apple.
Rome apples are versatile when prepared in dishes ranging
from pies and pancakes to sauces and salads. When baked,
they retain their shape and texture and acquire a rich flavor.


Probably the first apple variety originating in North America,
as a seedling from a variety brought from Europe by early


For those in the know, Virginia Stayman apples are a
connoisseur’s delight. Their distinctive sweet-tart flavor,
snappy bite, satisfying texture and crimson color have made
them a favorite since their discovery by Dr. Stayman in 1866.
The Virginia Stayman is an ideal, all-purpose apple. As a
snack, it gets high praise for its robust taste and firm, crisp
flesh. The Stayman’s large conical shape holds up well under
heat, making it perfect for baking and cooking.


This small, tart apple is used in making tarts, jellies and
garnish. Some may be too tart to enjoy fresh, but some are
a refreshing and enjoyable combination of sweet and sour.
Crabapple fruit are mostly red, but some cultivars, such as
the ‘Golden Hornet’, are yellow. If crabapples are stewed and
the pulp is carefully strained and mixed with an equal volume
of sugar then boiled, their juice can be made into a delicious
ruby-colored crabapple jelly. A small percentage of crab
apples in cider makes a more interesting flavor.


This red as wine beauty of an apple is tart, tangy,
juicy and extra firm.

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