I’ve always thought if I ever move out of the orchard farmhouse, I’d want my new home to have large windows and open spaces. Our home’s age lends character for sure, but also “common-of-the-era” small rooms and windows.

Light evokes energy and clarity, two things I appreciate more and more. Over the last couple of months we’ve been lighting up the Old Hill you might say.

The tasting room changes have been the most dramatic. We tore out the old fluorescent task lights and installed beautiful new pendants. We replaced the old discolored, foggy windows with new clear (and insulated) ones. They looked so nice that we left the window treatments off. Now each day light streams in. It’s just dreamy!

In our barn turned orchard market and mercantile, we replaced the inadequate lights with much brighter ones. It’s easier to work and shop now.

We’ll continue to shed light with our customers and each other on all things apple too. It’s a pleasure to talk about the varieties we grow and the ciders we create.

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Last Modified: November 3, 2015