We usually hit the ground running in the mornings. Rushing off to school and work is normal. We race past the trees and into the market, or cidery or office. Many lovely folks depend on us to keep business going along as usual. On Thursday of this week Shannon and I got stopped from our habitual hurry. Some journalists from Virginia Tech visited to film some documentary footage on the Virginia Cooperative Extension Service. The most formidable task they asked me to complete was to describe our relationship with extension service. The VCE is essential to the livelihood of our farm. Suddenly a rush of cognizance that felt like the gratitude we conjure up at Thanksgiving washed over me as I realized how much we depend on the agricultural community and in this case the research community for answers on questions that arise every single day as we push forward to be innovative and creative in our field. With that thankfulness on my mind, the camerawomen insisted that we move out into the orchard for some shots. I’m embarrassed to admit how little time I’ve spent out there this fall. Shannon is there often, but always for work and critical analysis or problem solving. The videographers asked us to pose and talk to each other about the fruit and the trees and the place we were standing. We both had an epiphany of sorts. It was a renewed awareness of all that we have been gifted and entrusted with. As we push through this intensely full season, we’re praying together that we are ever mindful of just this. May we continue to be exceptional stewards.

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Last Modified: September 27, 2015