Pick Your Own


11/8/16: Pick Your Own is Closed For The Season:

How do you enjoy an orchard with your family when ALL THE APPLES HAVE BEEN PICKED?

Visit the farm and picnic. Stroll through the rows of trees and teach the life cycle of the apple. Enjoy sweet cider and hot donuts. Enjoy a taste, glass or bottle of Old Hill Cider. Purchase freshly picked, home-grown apples. We have picked them at perfect ripeness FOR YOU. Our hours are 9-5 Monday – Saturday. In November, our apple variety selection is the widest. It’s a wonderful time to come.

We offer the opportunity to pick your fruit throughout the harvest season, typically beginning in early August and finishing up in late October. The apple varieties frequently change as each type of apple ripens on the trees. Our pricing is by volume (measured in bushels).  You choose a measured bag in denominations of 1/2 peck, peck, 1/2 bushel, and bushel.  When your bag is level full, you will have picked the given amount. 

These days, only farmers and orchardists refer to fruit in bushels. In our aspirations for preserving agriculture, tradition, and agriculture education, we happily present our pricing and our market in traditional orchard vocabulary, including bushel measures, with hopes that folks will ask us if they are unfamiliar.  Here are some comparisons to help you plan your picking.

1 bushel is approximately 42 lbs.  Our current price is $25.  This equates approximately to .60/lb.

1/2 bushel is about 21 pounds. Our current price is $14. This equates approximately to .67/lb.

1 peck or 1/4 bushel is about 11 lbs. Our current price is $9. This equates approximately to .82/lb.

1/2 peck or 1/8 bushel is about 6 pounds. Our current price is $7. One-half Peck compares roughly to 1.17/lb.