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Our history and


"My husband, Shannon, and I, together with our family,  farm, live and care for Showalter's Orchard and Old Hill Cidery. We have a rich and growing history. We know the orchard has been continuously planted in apple trees since the early 1900s; though we don't know who the original planters were, we are thankful that they led the way!


When Shannon’s dad, Joe Showalter,  started farming the property in 1965, setting up a fresh market for local customers was one of his first orders of business. This required the construction of the building that is now the cidery. Its first purpose was a sales area and small cold storage to store the fresh harvest.

In 1972, Joe and his wife Frances built a greenhouse for growing spring plants and vegetable starts--the first in our area!  It satisfied their love and joy in growing crops, and it provided income when the apple harvest was over.

In 1975, the Showalter's added a cider press as a way to use the “ugly”(blemished) apples  to make what has become our “famous Showalter’s Apple Cider." People anxiously await the beginning of sweet cider season each fall, as do I.

We frequently hear customers kindly share messages about it.

 "I enjoyed your apple cider in the 70's when you boys were just little tykes! Once he tasted it, my father thought it was so good he would drive an old car up from Tidewater and cram it full of cider for his customers."


"Showalter’s cider is the only cider I will drink and buy...your cider taste(s) like fresh apples.

Your Cider is so crisp and delicious the only thing I taste is apples!!!"

In 2010, as we contemplated our plans for our farm and business,  the hard cider industry began to re-emerge and expand.  We knew that producing exceptional hard cider was the perfect marriage of our high expectations for quality and the entrepreneurial spirit that has existed since the inception of Showalter’s Orchard. We opened Old Hill Cider, which has been met with enthusiastic praise, and tremendous growth.

In 2019, we closed our greenhouses in response to increased demand for hard cider and our need for a “people place” to host special celebrations and events. Our old propagation greenhouse stands on our premier viewpoint of the Valley and a sliver of the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

Ribbon Cutting Family.JPG

That gorgeous view inspired us to create walls of windows in that building that open to a beautiful terraced lawn.  For four seasons our visitors can soak in the breathtaking vista. We hope you will be one of the many people who join us to see it for yourself as you enjoy our delicious cider and produce!

Today, our children, Ben and Ava are passionate about continuing the tradition of Showalter’s Orchard as its third generation. Knowing that they want to build their lives here affirms and encourages our desire to keep our farm sustainable and relevant." 

- Sarah Showalter


"Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you."


—Shannon Adler

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