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The only thing we preserve is


 Since 1975, our original, sought-after & well-loved sweet cider is available daily
from Early-September through Christmas.
Contact us about shipping.



"“Drinking it is like eating the best apple ever, every single time”  

- Lynda

“I am a Vermont snob when it comes to maple syrup and a Showalter snob when it comes to apple cider” 

- Kate


Your cider is the best by far, and the only one I drink.

- Lori

When it's available there is a gallon in our fridge constantly until it can no
longer be found. At that time, 4 or 5 gallons are in the freezer for special
occasions till next season rolls around !!

- Myron

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Picked Apples for Orchard Tab.jpg
Sparkling Cider-10.jpg

We invite EVERYONE to celebrate with us. Raise a glass of our newest addition, deeply rooted in our generations-old tradition---to love and to family

Sparkling Apple Cider

In the fall you won’t want to miss our freshly baked apple cider donuts. There’s nothing truly better than biting into a warm one coated in cinnamon sugar.


It melts in your mouth with every bite! You’ll certainly understand why apple cider donuts are a steadfast autumn tradition.


Apple Cider Donuts

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