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Our small family orchard is rooted on top of an old hill overlooking the renowned Shenandoah Valley. Our 360-degree vantage point promises breathtaking views each day. We grow many kinds of apples; in fact, there are more than 30 varieties planted. The apple harvest season generally begins in mid-July and continues through November.

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We grow peaches too. Our two varieties are ready a little later than the area’s expected peach season. They are worth the wait! We usually start gathering the crop and begin offering Pick Your Own Peaches near the first week in August.  They’re yellow, freestone, big, sweet, juicy, and they don’t turn brown. 


You can pick your fruit  (both peaches and apples) during the season, or grab some that we've handpicked for you. The harvest season typically begins in early August and finishes up in late October. The available apple and peach varieties frequently change as each type of fruit ripens on the trees. We sell our fruit the Old-fashioned way, volume (measured in bushels).  You select a container in denominations of 1/2 peck, peck, 1/2 bushel, and bushel. When your container is level full, you will have picked the given amount.


If you’re wondering about our orchard specific nomenclature, here’s our take on this old, standard, agricultural measuring system. Download the chart here.

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Every harvest season is unique. Over the years, our experience has led us to anticipate these approximate harvest times for this list of our most popular apples.

LODI — Late July

SUMMER RAMBO — Early August
GALA — Mid-August

GINGER GOLD — Mid-August
GOLDEN DELICIOUS — Early-Mid September
JONAGOLD — Early October

GRANNY SMITH — Mid-October

STAYMAN — Mid-October
ROME BEAUTY - Mid-October
FUJI —Mid-October
YORK —Mid-Late October
PINK LADY — Early November

SWEET-N-UP PEACH - Early- Mid August
SUMMERFEST PEACH   - Mid-Late August

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