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Our photography


Our orchard is a beautiful and often sought out location for photography. Please remember, this is private property. We permit Professional and novice photographers and their clients under the following guidelines:


You are welcome to take photos (no drones allowed) in the orchard during REGULAR posted business hours. No one is allowed on the farm after business hours without an individual appointment (see below). When we are not open to the public, you may only enter with special permission.

Photography is allowed only in areas of the orchard that is open to the public (this changes from day to day). You must check-in with the manager on duty to let us know you are on-site and to find out what areas you may enter. Please finish by our closing time.

If you wish to enter the orchard before or after business hours (which change during the season), you must make an appointment in advance.

All orchard policies must be followed. You must remain in designated open areas, and pay for any fruit you pick. Please do not climb trees, waste fruit, litter, or act in an unsafe manner. Tractors, plows, equipment ( of any type), fences, railings, bins, crates, trees, and any other farm implements may not be sat on, climbed on, stood on, or moved.



In areas that are generally open to the public, ( i.e., Children’s play areas, PYO, festival locations) no photography fee is required for casual amateur photography or videography.

For professional photography, there is a $50 fee for the photographer per 2-hour session. We require the payment in the following circumstances:

Professional or commercial photography and videography (photography for profit or as a paid occupation).

Please be advised that should any photograph voluntarily posted on a public site such as our Facebook or Instagram pages; we will interpret this as permission to use that photo in future publicity.

If you are on our property without permission during non-business hours, you are trespassing.

No scheduled date, time, or fee shall be construed as a contract. Showalter’s Orchard reserves the right to cancel or deny access at any time and for any reason.


Please respect our private property, help us keep the insurance man happy, and enjoy your photos and memories by following our guidelines!

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